supplements VS Anabolic steroids

Hi, Today I would like to speak a few question i get asked often and I’m a bit surprised. Mainly because I didn’t think there was such a lot confusion about it.

and therefore the topic is increasing your testosterone levels “exogenously”, this suggests from the surface , artificially – like with testosterone injection, creams or pills.

Increasing your testosterone “endogenously”, this suggests from WITHIN, naturally – like with supplements, herbs, vitamins then forth. and that i bring this up because someone asked the subsequent question: “ I’ve been using the testosterone boosting herbal supplement for nearly 9 months now and things are going well.

My libido and drive is high all the time(which my wife loves!), I’ve gained muscle and strength, my body fat is lower (lost 2inches around my waist =)) and I’m just generally happier and more positive. All good stuff… However, my wife is now telling me that this is often an equivalent as taking steroids, like testosterone injections.

Like what bodybuilders take. She says this isn’t natural. I don’t agree, but she’s worried. so I can put this subject to rest?” therefore the short answer to your question is that NO, taking testosterone boosting supplements isn’t in the least like taking testosterone injections or “steroids”.

Most Supplements Don’t Work First, most of those supplements don’t work anyway. AlphaViril works because it’s clinically proven and therefore the focus isn’t “only” on increasing testosterone.

Dietary supplements VS Anabolic steroids

It ALSO works by “decreasing” negative hormones like female (estrogen, prolactin) and stress hormones (cortisol). This doubles and triples the advantages , with none negatives. I’ll get to the importance of this during a minute because it’s very valuable and thus, why you’ve got gotten positive results.

Testosterone Injections, Pills and Creams However, taking testosterone – whether it’s with injections, creams or pills, is way more powerful. you’ll keep taking more and more, higher and better dosages and still see more and more effects — both positive AND negative.

In fact, this is often why bodybuilders are so big, muscular and lean – many testosterone and other steroids derived from testosterone. However, with it also comes tons more negative side-effects: Acne, Hair loss, Prostate growth Moodiness (happy, sad, anxiety, etc.) “Man Boobs” (Gynecomastia) Higher cholesterol and vital sign Impotence Testicular shrinkage Etc., etc.

so as to scale back these negatives, you furthermore may got to take “inhibiting” drugs to scale back estrogen, prolactin, DHT, HCG, and other hormones. It can get very complicated. Plus, once you begin , you can’t stop because taking testosterone will pack up your own production and thus, why your testicles shrink and sometimes just disappear into little raisins.

Dietary supplements VS Anabolic steroids

Anyway, the purpose is that with more “growth”(muscle, strength, lower body fat), ALSO comes more side-effects. Especially if you’re over the age of 35. The older we get, the more sensitive we become to side-effects. How Natural Supplements Work However, if you get a natural supplement that really works, like AlphaViril, all it’s doing is MAXIMIZING and OPTIMIZING your own testosterone levels. Naturally… from within. due to this, there’s a limit.

It’ll take it to the very best NATURAL levels for your body – like once you were young. Actually, it’ll take it a touch higher, but still during a safe and healthy range. and therefore the other benefit with Alpha Viril is that it also has natural “inhibitors”, which can reduce “negative” hormones (female, stress, etc.) and this may further improve the results and optimize your testosterone.

Now you won’t have the negative side-effects. It actually HELPS your prostate. It can INCREASE your testicular size. You won’t get acne, hair loss then forth. However, you furthermore may won’t gain 30-50 lbs. of muscle such as you do with artificial testosterone and other steroids. Does this make sense? I even have nothing against taking testosterone shots, IF you’ve got an honest doctor who understands all the complicated hormones and knows the way to balance them out.

And AFTER you’ve tried the natural method and thus, the injections are your last hope. Because like I said, once you begin taking testosterone shots, you can’t stop! So there you’ve got it. If you would like to become a professional bodybuilder, you’llneed to require many testosterone and other steroids. You’ll never get an equivalent results with AlphaViril.

However, If you would like to form improvement sin your health, how you look and feel, gain muscle, lose fat and increase your libido, then optimize your testosterone levels and balance out your hormones, naturally. And if you would like more details on natural and herbal testosterone boosting ingredients.

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