Exercise for building muscles

Best workout plan

Here I am giving you the top 5 best workout plans which is for 12 weeks. These Exercise for building muscles but if you want to lose weight you can also follow these workouts. These workouts will definitely help you to get your physique to the next level these workout plans are 12-week workout plan. … Read more Exercise for building muscles

weight training for fat loss

weight training for fat loss

weight training is important for your fat loss journey, the majority of people focus on cardiovascular exercise but they don’t follow weight training. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise both are important for a healthy body whether you are on fat loss or gaining muscle. Weight training for fat loss is damn important when your trainer makes a workout plan he will definitely add a combination of weight training and cardiovascular workouts which is a perfect workout plan.

weight training for fat loss
Weight training

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Top 5 best fitness bands in India


Nowadays fitness bands are necessary for everyone a lot of people who are in the fitness industry loves to wear a fitness band. Today fitness bands are very common. Select your favourite band inthe the list of Top 5 best fitness bands in india

Here’s a list of the Top 5  best fitness bands available in India and recommended by the fitness freak for daily activities and workouts.

Top 5 Best fitness bands list is below

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